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Think about this: SAAC is an enthusiast organization that exists for the benefit of its members. Those members pay dues to the organization and in return, the organization provides its members with information and assistance they could not otherwise obtain on their own. If they could get it from some other source at no charge there would be no reason for a club.

SAAC is not a charitable organization or a public service enterprise. The club relies on its members to support its efforts through payment of their dues. If everyone was able to take advantage of the club’s services without joining, there wouldn’t be a club for very long.

The members who have accepted the responsibility of overseeing the running of the club work very hard and devote a lot of time to do it. Our primary responsibility is to assist members first. If we have any extra time left over then we try to help non-members. But to be honest, we rarely have much extra time.

When we receive a letter, fax or an e-mail, the first thing we do is check our computer to see if the person is currently a club member. If he or she is, then the request goes into the “right away” box for a response. If they are not a member, it goes into the “when we have a chance” box and we try to get to it as time permits. If it’s a simple question that requires a photocopy of something we’ve already printed or an e-mail contact address it can be handled promptly. But if a detailed response which will require research is necessary, it probably won’t get done because there are only so many hours in the day.

You can join the club by going to the “membership” page. It’s a two-way street: you support the club by becoming a member and paying your dues, and we’ll do anything we can to assist you. But you have to go first.


Some of the benefits of SAAC membership are tangible and some are intangible and, therefore, hard to measure—especially in dollars and cents. Some are of value to all members and some are of value to those who have a specific need for them (although they are always available to every member).

The club's publications rate highest on everyone's scale. The articles and photographs (most in color) printed in SAAC's on-line magazine are something you will see nowhere else. The four issues per year are each a minimum of 70 pages. All issues back to the Winter of 2009 are available in the club's on-line archives. Most of the 300+ page annuals are available from the SAAC Store.

Classified ads are printed on SAAC's Forum. They can be viewed by anyone but to post you must have a presence on the forum. The forum also allows members and guests to communicate on just about any subject relating to these cars. The web address is and it is both informative and entertaining. If you have not stopped by to look in, you should.

SAAC hosts an on-line forum which allows members and guests to communicate on just about any subject relating to these cars. The web address is and if you haven’t already stopped by for a look around, you should do this at your earliest opportunity. It is informative and entertaining.

SAAC was instrumental in finding and working with an agency which provides low cost agreed-value insurance, not only for Cobras and Shelbys but for any special interest-type cars members own (including Mustangs and Cobra replicas). The low rates are due to SAAC members’ good record and also because the club takes an active role in verifying that cars which are insured as Shelbys and Cobras are, in fact, realistically valued and are legitimate—not fakes (which invite insurance fraud and, thus, adversely affect rates). Check out Hagerty Classic Insurance

SAAC provides no-charge insurance appraisals for members. Professional appraisers charge between $250 and $500 for the same service. SAAC’s letter verifying the value of a car is recognized by every insurance company that provides special interest, collector to agreed value insurance.

SAAC offers a communications network that dispenses technical information to members at no cost.

SAAC provides the best annual national convention of any marque club in the country. If you doubt that you have only to attend some other club’s annual convention and compare it with what SAAC has been doing every year since 1976.

SAAC provides vehicle authentication for members at no charge. Imagine trying to buy a Shelby or Cobra without being able to find out if the serial numbers match, or if there is something questionable about its past history. Professional consultants charge $100 an hour or more, often with 3 hour minimums. Ands most do not know these cars like we do.

SAAC publishes a World Registry. Whether a member purchases a copy or not, the effect is the same: the registry protects the authenticity of all Shelbys and Cobras and this directly reflects their overall values.

SAAC works with law enforcement agencies, legal counsel and the courts regarding stolen or misrepresented and fraudulent vehicles. SAAC’s work in this area helps to maintain the values of the genuine cars and also enables the insurance company that administers the club’s special interest insurance to provide it at low rates.

SAAC assists aftermarket manufacturers in making out-of-production parts available. It often supplies information and/or specifications to insure that parts are accurately reproduced and then provides a communication network which puts the makers in touch with those who need the parts the most—owners, most of whom make up the club.

SAAC members track down, organize and maintain an extensive library of surviving documents in order to authenticate individual car histories. Such information is shared with other members.

SAAC maintains extensive and ongoing relations with the national automotive press to continually promote Shelby Mustangs and Cobras as well as attempting to insure the accuracy of anything printed with regards to these cars. SAAC is the accepted authority on Cobras and Shelby Mustangs.

If you like what SAAC offers, join us now.... or, continue enjoying the public area of this site or the SAAC website.

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